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Meet the Team

Welcome to Magically Martinez Vacations, Inc. We are excited you are here and cannot wait to share this journey with you!

Our Story

We are Patrick and Melanie married in 2003. We have four amazing children who have all been raised to value our family. Together we started visiting Walt Disney World in 2018, we've been in love ever since. We slowly started sharing our passion for Disney with others over the years and in 2017 started this website to continue that effort. Over the years we've taken family and friends on our Disney Adventures. We've traveled with parties as small as two and as large as nineteen. We've even planned experiences that took physical disabilities into consideration and helped our autistic children have magical moments. We have now added the ability to help others plan their Disney Adventures by expanding our efforts into travel planning with the help of Pixie Vacations. 

Meet The Team

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