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Breaking News! WDW is Ending Genie+

Updated: Jun 26

By: Magically Martinez Vacations Inc.

Disney heard its guests, while we are not getting back Fast Passes we're getting something a lot closer! At Walt Disney World we're going to see some big changes to the Genie+ system coming July 24th, 2024. The Disney Genie+ service is going to become Lightning Lane Multi Pass and the individual Lightning Lane will now be known as Lightning Lane Single Pass. This new streamlined system will allow guests the ability to plan their park experience in advance. Something the Genie+ service was lacking when it replaced the previous Fast Pass system. Guests will now be able to do the following: 

·       Make Lightning Lane plans before you get to the parks!

·       Choose your experiences and times prior to purchasing (this is huge as many options were often sold out at the time of purchase leaving guests frustrated.

·       Book Lightning Lane passes for multiple vacations days, all in a single day. This feature is sure to be more convenient!

Lightning Lane Multi Pass will allow guests who purchase the service to make up to 3 Lightening Lane selections in a theme park prior to their visit. This will include the ability to choose available times when they make their selections. Once in the park and they've used one of their selections they will be able to check the My Disney Experience app for availability on other attractions. 

Lightning Lane Single Pass will continue to work the same as it does now. Guests can secure a time to ride the “high demand” attractions by purchasing a single ride pass, but now you will also be able to do this in advance of your trip.

How to Plan: Those guests staying at a Disney Resort and other select hotels (Shades of Green Resort, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels) will be able to purchase and plan those Lightning Lane passes up to 7 days in advance for the entire length of their stay (up to 14 days). Guests not utilizing the above listed hotels will have this opportunity 3 days in advance.

This new feature allows guests to plan their Lightning Lane choices around their dinning reservations and other planned experiences. Guests will still be able to choose to purchase one feature or both and in fewer steps, as you can now purchases both in one transaction. Below is a video provided by Disney Travel to explain how the new passes will work.

Disneyland Resort will also use the new Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass names beginning July 24th. The way guests purchase, select and redeem Lightning Lane passes at Disneyland Resort will remain the same.

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